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At Higher Ground Papa Taumata we welcome, involve and support every whānau

Support from whānau

Staying connected

We welcome whānau involvement from the beginning

You are encouraged to attend appointments to support your loved one as they begin their journey into our programme.

Support for whānau during the programme

Once your loved one is in the programme, we welcome whānau to participate in our Whānau & Friends Group. The group provides an opportunity to learn about addiction, impacts on whānau and our approach to recovery alongside others facing similar experiences.

About 4 weeks into the programme, whānau and friends can join the Multiple Family Group. This group is for whānau/friends alongside their tangata whai ora (residents). It offers a safe, supportive and facilitated space for exploring issues together.

Whānau visits

Weekend visits are on Sundays from 2:00pm to 3:30 pm.

This is a great opportunity to catch up in a relaxed way. Check our FAQs for more information. Visits at Te Whare Taonga work a little differently so we can support the whole whānau with connection to māmā and pēpi.

Support for whānau

Getting Support

Where to get help if your loved one is not ready to start a recovery journey

We understand how hard addiction can be for whānau. It's important that whānau consider their own wellbeing and support, particularly when someone they care about is not yet ready to seek support.

It might help whānau to consider:

  • Learning and understanding the complexities of addiction.
  • Who you can speak to or where you can be supported.
  • How to communicate with your loved one in ways that are supportive but not enabling.
  • What approaches you can take to help reduce the harm of your loved one’s addiction.
  • What practical things support you as your whānau navigate the impact of someone's addiction.

Real Stories

"…the family are encouraged to participate in the group and offer feedback. In many ways, that was the biggest work to receive here."

— Gene

Watch Gene's story

Support for whānau

Getting Support

There are free services available for those who are affected by a loved one’s substance use

Alcohol & Drug Helpline 0800 787 797 CADS 0800 845 1818 Nar-Anon: Al-Anon:

Looking to refer someone?

Taking ownership of seeking help is a significant part of making positive changes. It is important that tāngata whai ora (residents) make this step themselves. However, if you would like to refer someone to Higher Ground Papa Taumata, contact our Community Team to discuss the next steps.

Need help for a loved one?

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