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Is a Member of Your Family Suffering & in Need of Help?

Are You Suffering From Substance Abuse & Need Help?

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Higher Ground’s Mission

Our mission is to provide tools for transformational change to people affected by severe addiction.
In doing so we aim to support recovery for individuals and whānau and to
reduce the harm that alcohol and other
drug addiction causes in communities and society as a whole.

We offer a high quality, culturally responsive, programme based on a therapeutic community model.

Our Programmes

We provide rehabilitation programmes that are based on 12 Step recovery principles & evidence based therapies.

We believe the spiritual dimensions of honesty, open mindedness, willingness, faith, hope, respect and generosity are the foundations of healing.

We emphasise that clients need to take individual responsibility for their recovery.


Clients are assessed prior to admission. This is to see whether Higher Ground is best suited for the client’s needs.

These assessments usually take around 90 minutes. Support people are welcome at assessments.

To arrange an assessment clients can get in touch by calling 09 834 0042 or sending an email by clicking the button below


We, Higher Ground is a registered Charitable Trust.Donations over $5.00 are tax deductible and may be sent direct to Higher Ground.

Higher Ground is dependant on charitable donations for the continuation of it’s programme.

For further details please click the button below

Persons who reside in Auckland and the Waikato are eligible to access Higher Grounds services.

In addition, where methamphetamine is your primary drug of choice you can access Higher Grounds services even though you reside outside of the Auckland & Waikato regions.

Please call us on 09 834 0042 for more information or send us a message using the form  below.

If you need Emergency Assistance Please Dial 111
IMPORTANT:  Higher Ground does not provide Emergency Services

Your Recovery

Journey Starts Here…