Live-in Services

We provide live in programmes for adults and wāhine hapū (pregnant women)

Live-in services

Adult Programme

Our Adult 18-week live in programme provides an environment to safely work on goals and challenges, learning the tools for recovery.

Tāngata whai ora progress through programme stages at their own pace, supported by kaimahi (staff) and peers. In turn, tāngata whai ora support others in their challenges.

Sharing kai (meals) together is a big part of life at Higher Ground Papa Taumata. Everyone in our whānau shares tasks like cooking and cleaning.
Whānau of tāngata whai ora are welcomed to specific evening groups and can visit on weekends.

While the programme can be tough, there’s aroha (love and compassion) and support for all community members to learn, grow and overcome addiction.

Live-in services

Te Whare Taonga

Our 24-week live-in programme for wahine hapū (pregnant women) and new māmā with one pēpi up to 3 years of age.

Te Whare Taonga is near our main residence, and tāngata whai ora are welcomed into a warm, homely environment suited to caring for pēpi. There, tāngata whai ora have opportunities to re-discover their wairua (spirit and soul) and mana.

The focus of Te Whare Taonga is on safe parenting and forming secure relationships between you and pēpi. Whānau and support people are welcomed and encouraged to be involved throughout the programme.

Real Stories

"It was the first time in years that I had showered every day, brushed my teeth everyday, actually lied down in a bed everyday. That structured routine is what I jumped on and that’s what helped me those first couple of weeks."

— Gemma

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