Services For Maori

Higher Ground
The Māori Community

Higher Ground offers a comprehensive bi-cultural component for Māori.

The component is available to all residents, whatever their ethnicity. We find that around 2/3 of our residents take part in this component.

The Kaupapa Whānau Oranga component is grounded in a Wairua focused (spiritual) and Whānau driven (recovery family in action) approach to wellbeing.

What’s Involved:

All new residents are welcomed by a powhiri. Residents learn Te Reo, Haka, Karakia and Waiata. They re-discover some of their mana lost through alcohol and drug use.

There are five Marae noho each year, and senior residents in the Kaupapa Whānau Oranga component attend these for two nights.

A Kaupapa Whānau Oranga parenting group is also held once a week.

At completion of the program there is a paua ceremony. Clients who commit to and complete 90 12 step meetings in 90 days return for a pounamu ceremony to celebrate their success in early recovery.