HG Newsletter Issue: # 57

October - December/2015

Issue Number : 57

In This Edition:

Higher Ground is highly effective in working with clients who are methamphetamine users, and people leaving the programme are staying off methamphetamine, according to an independent research report.

Of those clients able to be followed up, 94% were abstinent from amphetamines three months after discharge and 87% were abstinent at 12 months.

“It all looks very positive, it’s all what you want to see,” says Julian King, the independent consultant who prepared the Review of Outcomes For Clients Who Use Methamphetamine. Higher Ground has a robust research system that provides rich data against a whole range of measures that track people’s progress over time.

“This is among the best outcomes research programmes I’ve seen,” says Julian. “I’ve evaluated lots of health services, mental health services and alcohol and other drugs services and Higher Ground has the sort of outcomes research data that I always want and don’t very often see. “