HG Newsletter Issue: # 61

October - December/2016

Issue Number : 61

In This Edition:

Higher Ground is coming to the end of one of its busiest years ever, not just with record numbers of clients. This year saw the completion of the extensive and beautiful Higher Ground building project. It was an honour to have Prime Minister John Key and so many other supporters attend our opening in November.

Some of the changes and achievements over this last year includes Higher Ground’s outcomes research published in The International Journal of Therapeutic Communities. Research continues as a way of ensuring we are providing quality treatment to our residents, before, during and for one year after completing the main programme. Long-term research is a valuable resource not just to Higher Ground in monitoring its progress, but also for the wider therapeutic community.

Higher Ground continues to deepen and expand its therapeutic programme as need is identified. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) was introduced, a specific cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy for many kinds of mental health disorders and substance abuse.

Pre-Entry and Family Support groups were started for those on our ever growing waiting list, to keep hope alive and prepare for admission. Areas of cultural

input were extended. The extent of our work is only possible with the generous support of our volunteers, supporters and friends in the wider community. We thank you all and wish you the best for the festive season and a happy New Year, as we too look forward to 2017.