HG Newsletter Issue: # 52

July - September/2012

Issue Number : 52

In This Edition:

Co-training between Higher Ground, Goodward Park Healthcare Trust and ABI Rehabilitation clinicians has proved beneficial in understanding the treatment of clients with addiction and brain injury. “Many of our clients have mild brain injuries,” says Higher Ground director Johnny Dow.

“Some of our anti-social clients in particular will end up in fights or accidents and have their head hit in different ways. “We’ve been learning to pick up an injury that is not obviously severe or previously diagnosed. Alcohol and other drug abuse can be in itself a brain injury.”

Higher Ground has a continuing programme of staff training, and welcomes opportunities to expand knowledge of addiction. Clinical manager Otto Mengedoht says staff found the cotraining trusts helpful and informative.

“Our clinical staff is more aware of brain injury and how to recognise it. We see how brain injury affects not only their ability to absorb information and to think things through but also a possible impairment in the ability to plan and put into action any conclusions and decision they have made. “We realise the prevalence of brain injury among our clients, and are perhaps more considered in our treatment and response to it. Being conscious that the intensity of our programme can result in mental fatigue for people”