HG Newsletter Issue: # 48

April - July/2020

Issue Number : 48

In This Edition:

American author, actor and
activist Chris Kennedy
Lawford recently visited
Higher Ground with an uplifting
message of hope and recovery.
He is the United Nation’s fi rst
Goodwill Ambassador on Drug
Dependence, Treatment and Care.
Chris spoke to residents about
his personal journey from 20
years of addiction to being now
more than 24 years drug-free.
“I was spellbound,” says one
Higher Ground resident. “He’s
a really charismatic guy, and he
related to us so well. He used the
analogy of every day of addiction
being like dancing with an 800
pound gorilla. He made it clear
just how strong the addiction
process was.” Chris Kennedy Lawford campaigns tirelessly on behalf of the
recovery community in both the public and private sectors,
speaking around the world on issues related to addiction,
mental health and Hepatitis C. Born into the infl uential Kennedy
family in the United States, his mother Pat was sister to President
John F. Kennedy and Senators Robert and Teddy Kennedy.