HG Newsletter Issue: # 46

January - March/2011

Issue Number : 46

In This Edition:

Higher Ground’s new trust board member is public health physician Dr William Rainger who has a special interest in mental health and addictions. William is currently President of the New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine, and is a board member of the Mental Health Foundation. “So I’ve long been aware of the work of Higher Ground and the importance of having good treatment facilities for people with addiction problems.

“Last year I did some clinical work with the Auckland City Mission. My experience of the personal needs of people and of the work that Higher Ground does, lead me to making a contribution to Higher Ground.” He is a medical doctor with a specialist qualification as a public health physician, consulting on policy and management of change. “Most of the work I have done over the last 20 years has been in funding and planning for health services, making sure health resources are used where they can be most effective.”

He brings with him a strong interested in maintaining and developing important links to health funders, Justice and other care organisations, and is also interested in closer links with primary health care and GPs. “Those are things I think I can help with because of my background.”